Guide to PyCon APAC Participants

Reception of the day

Reception is 7F. However, the time period of the keynote is 3F.

In order to check in to PyCon JP you will need to bring with you one of the following:

  • Ticket number and Full name of your connpass ticket
  • For those who registered via bank deposit, please bring the bank deposit receipt.
Reception sheet sample

If you registered at connpass, display it at below links:

Conference, Development Sprints Venue


Nishi-Shinjuku 1-24-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

  • 5 minutes walk: Shinjuku Station West gate(JR Line)
  • 5 minutes walk: Shinjuku Station(Keio line, Odakyu line)
  • 3 minutes walk: Tocho-mae Station(Toei Oedo Line)
  • 10 minutes walk: Seibu Shinjuku Station(Seibu Shinjuku Line)

Party Venue


45th South Observatory Floor, Tokyo Metropolitan Gov. Bldg.,

Nishi-shinjuku2-8-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


+81-(0)120-745-202 (You can’t call this toll-free number from overseas or roaming phone. Please call from local phone.)

Please refere to Conference After Party.


  • Registration

    • Conference registration is held on the 3rd floor. Please see the venue map for more info.
    • We are expecting the venue to be crowded at registration time. Please use the stairs rather than the elevator.
    • Attendees who registered on connpass should bring a print out of their ticket, or show the ticket at registration using their smartphone.
    • Invited attendees and those who did not purchase tickets should bring the previously requested information.
    • Please understand, that attendees who have forgotten their ticket or registration information may not be able to enter the event.
    • All attendees must pre-register. There will not be tickets sold at the conference. As we do not accept cancellation, there is no waitlist.
  • Registration Goods
    • Pamphlet, name tag, SWAG
  • Name Tag
    • Please wear your given name tag at all times during the conference.
    • We may ask those without a name tag to leave the conference area.
  • Late Registration, Early Exit
    • There is no limit on late registration. You may register at any time.
    • Please take your name tag with you when you leave.
    • Please take some time to fill out the conference survey on the web before you leave.

Caution about Photos

  • Staff will be taking photos of the conference.
    • We will be taking photos and recording live video during the conference for historic and promotional purposes.
    • Some photos may be used and published in a conference report via online news media.
  • Attendees may take photos during the conference (speakers, LT, venue, etc.)


There are a limited number of power outlets (Some rooms have a very few).
Please use the outlets sparingly and consider other attendees.
Network Wireless internet will be available.
We will be serving lunch
We will post the time when lunch will be served. Please eat lunch during the alloted time.
Lunch may not be able to serve the time after 14.
Food & Drink
Bringing food and drink into the conference is permitted.
Garbage Garbage cans will be provided, but we ask that as much as possible that you take your trash with you when you leave.
Hashtag #pyconapac
Live Video We will be streaming all talks live via YouTube Live.


Please see the Timetable.

Program booklet will be distributed on the day.

Conference App (guidebook)

You can view the PyCon APAC 2012 program and other info in the conference Guidebook app.

You can install the Guidebook app and download the PyCon APAC guide for free.

Guidebook App screenshot
  • You can view the directions the venue and venue map.
  • You can view the conference program, program detail, and you can view program by track or room from program detail.
  • You can bookmark talks you would like to attend and create your own conference schedule.
  • You can create a TODO list of items you would like to do while you are at the conference.

You can download the guidebook via the link in the banner above or via the QR code below.

Guidebook QR code