PyCon APAC Registration

Conference Day registration was closed.

Registration fee for PyCon APAC is “6,000 JPY”.

The ticket includes all talks, lunch, coffee break, T-shirt and etc.

Patron Sponsorship Registration

PATRON Sponsorship

PyCon APAC also allows Patron Sponsorship(10,000 JPY) registrations. Patron registations are a good way to help support PyCon APAC, allow us to cover our costs and provide a better conference for our attendees.

Patron registration includes:

  • Patron sponsor link on PyCon APAC website
  • 1 complimentary pass

Patron Sponsorship fee is expected to be used as “travel support”, “student ticket” and etc.

PyCon APAC Party registraiton

Party pre-registration was closed.

We will hold PyCon APAC 2013 Party at night of Day 1(September 14). Party registration fee is “6,000 JPY”.

PyCon APAC Sprint registraiton

Join Sprint

We will hold PyCon APAC 2013 Sprint at Day 3(September 16). Join free! Please refer to Development Sprints for details.