Call for Proposals

The call for talk proposals for PyCon APAC 2013 is now open!

We are seeking proposals for talks for this year’s PyCon APAC. Is there a talk you want to give on a topic that interests you? Do you want to introduce the community to a library or useful piece of Python software? If so then submit your proposal now!

Since we are holding PyCon APAC, which is a conference for the entire Asia-Pacific region, we are expecting many international participants. Therefore, we are seeking a large number of English talk proposals. This is your chance to introduce your topic to Pythonistas in Asia!

For those who’s talks are accepted we are planning to give out some special SWAG and goods. (However, the event fee will not be waived so be sure to buy a ticket!)

We are accepting proposals for any type of session so help us make this year a great and diverse PyCon APAC 2013!

Important Notes

  • Talks will be in English and Japanese only.
    • 2 Japanese tracks and 2 English tracks
  • Talks will held in 50 minute and 30 minute blocks. We expect that the slots for 30 minute talks will be limited.
  • If there are more proposals than we can accomadate, the PyCon APAC Management Team will decide on the program schedule.
  • Information provided in your proposal that is needed for the conference program will be made public. This includes all items marked (“will be public”)
  • The conference talks will be video recorded. We would appreciate your cooperation in allowing use to record your talk however will will respect your privacy if you do not wish to be recorded. (Whether you wish to be recorded or not will not affect whether your talk is accepted).
  • Even if your talk is accepted you will still need to buy a ticket for PyCon APAC 2013. We appreciate your cooperation.


  • Proposal Deadline: July 9 2013
  • Proposal Acceptance Deadline: Mid July 2013

Call for Proposals Form

CfP form from here